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The Difference between Surveys and Valuations

Level 3 (top) - The Full Building Survey

This is the report that will provide you with all the relevant & important survey information possible - PBSC recommend the Full Building Survey to all its Clients.


Our Full Building Survey report is suitable for all types of houses, bungalows and even flats as it can be tailored and formatted to suit a particular building or a particular Client's local knowledge, structural knowledge and general requirements.


("Structural Survey" may have been a term used last time you bought a house, if that was a number of years ago.  The RICS have been asking for a number of years that Chartered Surveyors should avoid using this term, but you may still find some "out-of-date" references to it - rest assured that "The Full Building Survey" is the same but using the more modern terminology.)

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Level 2 - The RICS Homebuyers Survey and Valuation (HSV / HBR)

This service changed in 2009.  The HBR was redesigned by RICS to give a quick report to ‘consumers' about the overall condition of the dwelling they are considering to purchase.  There is less written reporting from the surveyor about the nature of problems & less information about the deficiencies, but instead a colour-rated summary has been introduced.


PBSC are proud of the Professional Services that we offer and the feedback from our Clients was that they benefited from the more comprehensive report that we provide with the Full Building Surveys.


So currently with higher than national-average property values and clients' high expectations about the purchases they are making, we recommend the 'Level 3' survey for all houses and bungalows.  Our fees for the Level 3 surveys remain competitive with that offered by the lower Level 2 HBR.

In deciding whether our Full Building Survey or the RICS’s HBR is more appropriate then please consider these key points:-

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Level 1 - The Valuation

Put very simply as its title suggests this is technically not a 'survey' at all!  It is a report on the value of the property at a moment in time.  If the condition does not impact on the value then it is very likely that the condition will not be mentioned.  That is not to say though that there is not an expense waiting for you when you move in.  Do not rely on a Level 1 Valuation for any other purpose.

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