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Whether you are having the work undertaken by a builder or you are the builder who is undertaking the work, you should always start with a full set of detail drawings, a schedule of work, agreed payment intervals, a method of calculating payments; all forming part of a fair contract.

If you have all these in place then a dispute is far less likely. Whenever PBSC are involved in the design and management of projects these are all arranged as minimum.

However if despite these, or in their absence, a difference arises then it is most cost effective to ask somebody independent to come and review the situation. PBSC offers an appraisal service for either side of the argument.


Sometimes it is clear that one party is in the wrong, in other situations there may be a middle ground that needs to be found. We always aim for the fairest result.

Although Builders are featured on the larger share of ‘rogue’ tv documentaries, in our experience ‘real everyday’ building disputes can actually be two way:

(a) the builder may have undertaken sub-standard workmanship

(b) the customer has an expectation higher than the price and standard agreed.

(a) the builder may claim payments too early

(b) the customer delayed payment or did not appreciate the 'true' cost of build work.

(a) the builder encounters an ‘unexpected’ during the build

(b) the customer expected the event to have been predicted and so assumed it was included.

Building Work Dispute

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We cannot force you or another party to accept our opinion or findings, in which case our reports might be used in legal intervention of solicitors and perhaps through Court proceedings.

 If you have tried to resolve your differences by having had an independent report prepared then this is looked on favourably by the Courts.

In our experience disputes about building work do not just “go away”.  In fact, quite often the longer they are left the harder (and so more expensive) they become to resolve:

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