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For too many people the word to immediately follow "Boundary" is "Dispute".

Disputes can be for any sort of reason through mistake, misunderstanding, lack of information, deceit or shear awkwardness. Whatever you think is the reason, we suggest that you do not declare a 'dispute' until you have tried every reasonable effort to avoid one.

PBSC can help neighbours avoid a ‘dispute’ by taking an independent view of the problem, reviewing any documents that you might have and by looking for relevant 'evidence' in the gardens themselves. Our initial report should often be sufficient for the Parties to realise their mistake. If necessary we have highly accurate land measuring equipment that we can use to plot all the features on scale drawings - this can be invaluable in understanding how the land and buildings relate to each other.

Before you get to this stage you should have already considered what kind of relationship you have with your neighbour, if they are polite and approachable then your concerns might be sorted out between you, and all for the cost of a chat and coffee. You should both keep a note of what you intended and what you both agreed in the end; ideally this should be two copies of the same note just to avoid any confusion later.

You will be advised to obtain some key information about your property, this will normally include the title deeds and any historic plans that might be available.  If you cannot find a copy of your title deeds then check to see whether these are being held by your mortgage lender or your solicitor/conveyancer.  

Boundary Disputes

Registering a Boundary

We can assist with registering a boundary by providing scale plans suitable for Land Registry purposes. All plans provided will be in accordance with the Land Registry requirements for the procedure you are using. For "Determining a Boundary" we will use our highly accurate laser measuring equipment.

In our experience boundary disputes rarely just “go away”.  Contact us early for up to 30 minutes free initial telephone consultation and advice:

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