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Internal Layout Alterations

ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES  -  Extension and Alteration (Designs & Drawings)

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1. Measured Survey & Sketch Schemes

2. Planning Applications

3. Building Regulation Applications

4. Specification, Schedule of Work & Tender Prices

5. On Site

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to arrange for a free, no-obligation fixed quote

Calls may be recorded for the purposes of providing evidence of business transactions, including professional advice given.

What are ‘Architectural Services’?

This is our drawing, design and project management skill set, much as an Architect will offer.  As we are trained and qualified as Chartered Building Surveyors we cannot call ourselves “Architects”, however we specialise and are experienced in dealing with extending and altering existing buildings.

‘Specialist Knowledge of existing buildings’

We can offer the specialist knowledge of extending an existing property, we also design loft conversions and plan garage conversions all to make the best use of the space available.

‘Peace of mind by using a Chartered Surveyor’

The experience doesn't need to be "a nightmare" or a story for a ‘rogues traders' series - it just needs a professional and organised approach - first and foremost it’s about very clear instructions to tell the builder what you want to achieve and you setting the standard to them.

We offer the inclusive service to, as far as possible, maintain a single point of contact throughout the design and construction stages of the project.

We bring our knowledge and experience of existing buildings to design seamlessly between the old and the new.

The ideal way to achieve the ‘dream’ extension is to follow our FIVE STEP procedure.

It doesn't matter how small the project is, the same steps can still be followed. There is no requirement for you to commit to using PBSC for the next step until an earlier one is completed, giving you complete control over your project.

“We have vast experience in…”

Planning Applications - more than a 99% Planning Consent rate for Clients following our design suggestions for extensions submitted since 2003.

Building Regulations - 100% success rate for Building Regulation Approvals using the “Full Plans” Local Authority submission for all submissions since 2003.

Tender Documents - Schedules of work & specifications for Builders to price.  Builders confirm that they provide a more cost-competitive price using PBSC schedules rather than Clients’ own.  The cost of providing a schedule could be more than recouped in the more reliable build-quote received.

Providing assurance to Clients that the quotes they receive are as as close as possible to the end price that they pay to the builder.

Site Inspections & Contract Administration - Once on site our experience & assistance does not end.  We provide regular inspections and remain on-hand to answer any concerns or questions that Clients have.

We monitor and ‘value’ the work to make sure that you are not under-paying or over-paying the builder at any stage - one of the biggest areas of ‘disputes’ that arise between homeowners and builders if a professional is not involved.


Loft Conversions

Garage Conversions

Annex Buildings

Planning Applications

Building Regulation Applications