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Understanding your building &

 understanding you…

Most of our time is spent in or around built-up areas and parking can be a problem. Our solution was the environmentally friendly, fuel efficient and space-wise

.....Smart car.

The fun moment on arrival is our Client’s face when all the tools and equipment we use for everyday surveying are unloaded

...yes, including ladders and when we had a 6'2" assistant !

The Surveyor’s Car

Chartered Surveyors have always been regulated as individuals  by the RICS but now Chartered Surveying Firms are also separately regulated, giving additional assurance to Clients.

‘Regulated by RICS’

RICS require Regulated firms to provide written terms of business - these will be provided before we proceed.
You can also see a preview here

Understanding how buildings work,

how to best use them, when to extend them and

when to redevelop them

is at the heart of all good Building Surveying


also understanding how You relate to

Your building is at the heart of PBSC.

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'What we do'

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01494  718009

Calls may be recorded for the purposes of providing evidence of business transactions, including professional advice given.

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